Chef Mari Peralta

Born and raised in Amsterdam, New York, Mari started baking at a young age with a stove that had to be lit with a match and a paper towel. Her measuring skills have evolved from using regular utensils and a mug her mom used to cook rice with to owning every color measuring tool there is.

After moving to Long Island, New York for college, she landed an internship with MTV Tr3s and at the end of the program was hired as a production assistant. She worked for MTV Tr3s for 3 years and later moved on to freelance with RockShrimp who produced Throwdown with Bobby Flay. Although Mari couldn't get hands-on experience with the food, she was able to help with production set up, travel up and down the east coast and learn from one of her favorite chefs about how to produce a #1 food show.

During a time while staying with a friend, after production, she learned how to decorate cakes using fondant. She has mastered fondant decorating and has now branched off to enjoy not only baking pastries but cooking in general.

She has experience from various kitchen positions such as kitchen assistant manager for a Nashville restaurant, a pastry chef in the heart of Nashville at the Music City Convention Center and freelance work at different sport stadiums. This allows her to produce, from scratch, desserts for parties as small as 20 people to military balls as large as 1,000 people.

Mari feels cooking and baking should be enjoyed by everyone, especially for those who say they don’t know how to cook or bake. She provides easy to use ingredients and step by step instructions for flavorful meals even the kids should enjoy.

Mari resides in New Jersey and is currently taking classes at a local culinary school to better her skills and stay up to date with the ever-changing changing food styles and flavors the kitchen has to offer.